Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nora's Blessing Dress

I had a very difficult time with this dress. I wasn't motivated to make it, then once I did, it was soooo ugly and horrible I was ready to shred it and go buy one. But then My husband reminded me that in most families, the first child gets everything, the second gets some things, and the third usually gets the leftovers? Well I didn't want to have that happen with her blessing dress. So I unpicked the ugly one, got out some more fabric and went to work. I am so glad I did, it turned out perfect.
I kept it pretty simple, a nice ivory color, with bubble sleeves, a silk ribbon sash, and I made it nice and long. Since the dress itself was so simple I made her headband a bit more fancy.
And of course she had to have some sweet little shoes to wear on her special day. I used this pattern and tutorial for them. I will be making more of these!
You looked perfect my little princess!

(I made the pattern I used for this dress, and it is the same one I used here, here, here, and here)

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