Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Carseat Cover

I decided since this was my 3rd girl, I was going to go all out and make everything super girly!

I searched all over the web on how to make this, looking for tutorials, etc. I have made a carseat cover before, but I wanted to perfect the process. I referenced this tutorial Make it and Love it, and also I emailed Dana from MADE, and she had a lot of GREAT advice on carseat covers.

I didn't want to take apart my old cover, just in case I do end up having a boy one day, so I just placed it on top of the fabric and traced around it with a pen to make each pattern piece.
I didn't want to remake the canopy, so I decided to find fabric that would match! (thus the tag still attached to the canopy) And of course it was a Heather Bailey fabric. My favorite designer.
I had to make a carseat canopy to match, I love having one of these. So nice to protect my little Nora from the wind, or sun, and help her have a dark, quite place to nap.


Kristin said...

So...would you mind forwarding me those tips. Ive been thinking of doing this same project?


Jenny said...

you are amazing.