Monday, August 22, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

I was in need of a new wreath for our front door, since I have had an egg wreath on the door since Easter... My girlfriend had a beautiful wreath on her door, and when I asked where she got it, she said a friend made it out of coffee filters! So I headed to the dollar store and picked up some brown coffee filters and a wreath.
Total cost of project... about $4.00. I used 12 mini glue sticks, 250 brown coffee filters, and burnt the heck out of my fingers, but I got this beautiful wreath to show for it.
I was going to make a tutorial, but I found a few great ones online, so there was no need. Go HERE, or HERE.


Jenny said...

beautiful! i am so making one of those this weekend!

Tahnee said...

LOVE it. I was looking on pinterest and saw this and it linked to your blog! I almost was going to come up to your door and figure out what it was made out of! BEAUTIFUL :)
cute blog too!