Friday, October 15, 2010

A lovely Blessing Dress

First of all, where have I been? Good question. At least I am here now!

My friend Rachael had a beautiful baby girl, and found a beautiful blessing dress that cost about $350.00... So she called me and asked if I could make it for less. Um HELLO! Yes, at least I will give it my best shot. I went down to the store, looked at the dress and got to work. The only thing I forgot to do was take picture of the finished product. But Rachael did that for me on her blessing day! (I also made the flower in her hair.)

We had to go on a hunt for the lace that is on the bodice, and then I pieced it together before attaching it to the dress. I used on of her current dresses as a pattern, to ensure a good fit. I think she looks so pretty! What did this dress end up costing? Materials: $34.00 I decided I REALLY like making blessing dresses. See more Here, and Here.


Genevieve said...

i love the blessing dress! you did a great job and i especially love the headband!! love it

Haylee said...

Wow, excellent job! It looks amazing.
My stretch needles were in my mom's sewing box so who knows how long we've had them for! You haven't been able to find them at Joanns or anything? That surprises me, I thought they were fairly common. I'll keep my eyes open for some though and let you know if I run into any!

Jessie said...

This dress turned out amazing! You are so talented!