Monday, June 28, 2010

Waterfalls of Ruffles

Addie was in need of a few summer dresses. And I was in need of a good sewing fix. I had an idea for a dress that would require a little girls T-Shirt, and so I rummaged through the girls old clothes and I found this lovely little shirt. It happened to match some knit fabric I got at walmart for $1.00/yard.
The shirt is from H&M and it is a size 18-24 month, and I LOVE it, but it is REALLY wide, and obviously looking at the size, too short, so it made a perfect candidate for this dress!

I made the skirt first, and sewed on 3 layers of ruffles, then I attached it to the shirt. I LOVE how it turned out.
And lucky for me, so does Addie! I mean, look how it twirls... And so comfy!


Amy Blakely said...

Seriously, you make the cutest clothes for your girls and it makes me really wish that I knew how to sew!
Also, I bet if you made a bunch of your various projects throughout the year and trekked up to have a booth at the Summerfest here in Logan you'd make a killing! They had a bunch of booths with little girls dresses and aprons and whatnots selling for 30-40 each. ANd it made wish I could spend that much on clothes for Em.

marisa said...

just found your blog..hooked! Seriously you make the cutest things!