Sunday, June 27, 2010

MY mamma made it!

While I was looking through some old boxes today, I found a little treasure...
This picture
I guess I now know where my obsession with matching my kiddos comes from!

And in that same box I found...
This DRESS! This is my little Eliza wearing MY old sailor dress! How cute eh?

The BEST part is my mom made it!

How adorable and CLASSIC is it?

She made my Brother, Jason's, too! (how creepy is that ET doll he is holding!?)

He has his old outfit, and my sister in law took a picture of my cute Nephew wearing his Daddy's outfit. I LOVE IT!

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Natalie Ruth said...

Ahoy! and other nautical terms... haha these are to die for. I love the picture of Eliza playing in the grass