Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Machine Required!

I was thinking... some of you may or may not have a sewing machine (YET....) So I thought I would show you some NO MACHINE REQUIRED projects. These are the kind that don't take long, and have a satisfying result!

This is the kind of crafting anyone can do! Take shirt you already have and give it just a little more... Who wants a boring green shirt anyway?! I just used a few scraps for these little flowers, just tied up a little strip of fabric with a knot and used my needle and thread to sew them on!

Here is another No Machine Required idea... BOWS!!! Who doesn't love a little bow? How about 2 BIG ones!

Tied the bows, and stitch them in place. So go grab a shirt out of the drawer and get your craft on!

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