Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ahoy... and other Nautical expressions

It is the 1st of July my friends, my FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR!!!! I guess it helps that my favorite Holiday, and My Birthday are Both in that month! And as with any Holiday, you can count on me making something festive, and something matching for my Kids to wear!

And I can thank Dana from MADE for the free pattern... seriously THANK YOU!!! (Click image below to get the pattern for yourself!) The Warhol Dress is the cutest and easiest thing to make. I insist you make your own. Really.

I kept the Red White and Blue Theme, but didn't want it to be overly Patriotic, even though I am overly patriotic, so I went with a Nautical Theme.

Here is the pattern for an Anchor Stencil if you want to make yours Nautical too! I also thought a sail boat would be cute!

So... here is a good stencil for a sailboat too!

I opened the image in Microsoft Picture and made it a little bigger, then traced it. Kinda ghetto I know, but hey, its all I got! One day I will have photo shop and my life will be complete.

And I REALLY like ruffles, so of course it had to have a ruffle!
Happy Independence Day!

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Genevieve said...

jess- those dresses turned out adorable! and thanks for your nice comment on my blog. i love seeing all the fun stuff you make! (i found yours through kierstens awhile back and love seeing your new posts in my reader) your daughters b-day party seemed like alot of fun too. happy 4th to you!!