Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruffles and Scraps

I love mixing random prints and fabric scraps to make a dress, it makes them quarky and original. I am sometimes asked if I have an etsy shop, or why don't I start one? My answer: if I feel like I HAVE to do it it won't be fun anymore! I like doing it for friends and family and my own kids, but the pressure you can get from people you don't know, and getting sizes right, and what if they don't like it? I just don't want to deal with all that stress! So here is a dress I made for my friends daughter, Abby!

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@manda said...

Cutest dress!!! You should teach a sewing class Jess! You are so right about th etsy thing. It is alot of stress but I still think you would do amazing with it!