Sunday, September 5, 2010

'tis the season...

for FOOTBALL!!!!

Saying that we are football fans, would be an Understatement. We are Fanatics!
Now, first of all I must say that I am a BYU Cougar fan, but by marriage I am a Boise State Bronco fan. To my husbands joy, our kids love the Bronco's.

If you shout BOISE, my girls will yell, STATE!

Since Cheerleader costumes cost so much, and they aren't very comfy, I made my own.
Made of upcycled T-shirts, and my own twist on the Sienna dress, you get a comfy Bronco's cheerleader costume!

Miss A's dress is the front of my old T-Shirt...
For Miss E, I had to applique the B on, since I only had one Boise State T-Shirt to use between both dresses.

I had to do pleats on the bottom, to give it a cheer skirt feel.

Go Bronco's!

Good Luck Bronco's in the Game against Virginia Tech tomorrow!

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Haylee said...

Hey that's my school! Do you have a sibling that goes to Timpview?