Friday, September 3, 2010


So I have a few projects to share with you, but I haven't had a chance to get all the pictures edited and ready because I have been distracted by a few things!


Ever heard of the Girls with Glasses Show? Um my new favorite thing. If you haven't heard of it go HERE to see their website, or click on the image below. I also love their BLOG. My favorite part about the show is the THEME SONG. I am pretty sure I want to be them.
Who are the Girls with Glasses?
Summer Bellessa and Brooke White...
I was a big fan of Brooke when I saw her on American Idol, I love her voice and her style. And Summer is a founder and editor of one of my favorite magazines, Eliza. So it isn't much of a surprise that I love their show.

And since they both wear glasses, Brooke and Summer recently they interviewed some of the founders of Warby Parker, a company who makes glasses. Glasses like these...
If you wear glasses, you need to check these guys out. All of their frames, including prescription lenses with anti-reflective, and anti-scratch coating are $95.00 HELLO! If you are like me, insurance only covers contacts OR Glasses, and I like to have both, so finding a good deal on glasses is a MUST! And I love the vintage style that ALL their glasses have. You can only order them online, so they will send 5 lenses to your house to try, or you can virtually try them on their website.
The best part about Warby Parker... (I know can it get any better!) is that for every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need. I heart them.

These are my favorite lenses.

I am in the market for a new pair of glasses, since my prescription has changed recently. I started with the virtual try on, and next week I am going to order my 5 home try on lenses.

What do you think?




Thank you Girls with Glasses for introducing me to Warby Parker!

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