Monday, June 21, 2010

A Very Merry Birthday...

About a month ago my daughter asked for an Alice party... and I couldn't resist. Putting together an Alice in Wonderland party is crazy and fun, mostly because the possibilities are endless. Seriously. I got a little out of control. Here are pictures from the event, and in the next few days I will share recipes, how we made the decorations, etc. So be sure to stay tuned!

Of course Alice herself showed up for the tea party. And my daughter loved having tea with Alice!

Since the day of the party wasn't her actual birthday, we could call it an Unbirthday Party!

Checking out the cake and cupcakes. For the cupcakes we used Butter cream frosting, and the cake itself used fondant. (Recipes coming soon!) And yes, I made her dress and headband.

This cake cost me some blood, sweat, and tears. Really it did. While removing the top so I could stack it I cut my thumb, and had to head to the insta-care to get six stitches. Nothing like a trip to the doctor to add to party preparation. By the way, do you know how many things you need your thumb for? Alot. I guess I shouldn't try and cut a frozen solid cake with a cutco knife. OUCHIE.
One of my new obsessions is mini cupcakes. They are so cute and bite-sized. I love them. Some of the lanterns we made, others we bought. I will teach you how to make Lanterns soon!
The fondant was easy to work with, until it got warm from kneading it so much! We had to toss it in the refrigerator a few times to firm up.

The Party favors....

The food! I am not normally a fan of 'chick' food, but a tea party calls for it! It all turned out really yummy! We also made many of the platters. I will show you how soon!

Drink Me.

more food... Pasta Salad recipe, and wrap recipe coming soon. Also Cookie Tricks! The artichoke dip was from Costco.

Eat me... take one!

Turkey Spinach Pinwheel Wraps and Strawberry lemonade.
The table setting.


Tea cups, and tea pots

We also found some classic Alice in Wonderland quotes to hand around the party.

And of course a party in wonderland wouldn't be complete without a game of croquet!

Alice played with all the kids, and even though we don't know the rules, they got the basic idea and still had fun.

Our Alice did such a great job, this was more of a family party, so only a few kids came. She just hung out with the kiddo's the entire time!

Happy Alice in Wonderland Birthday Sweetie!


Lisa said...

Jess - the party looks AWESOME and like an insane amount of work! I love your yellow scalloped cake stand - I need one! :)

Jessie said...

Amazing! That's the only word I can think of...

Happy Birthday Eliza!

Lisa Lewis said...

What the heck?! Crazy birthday party. It looks adorable! Happy Birthday Eliza!

Haylee said...

K I realize I'm like commenting on all of your posts but I have to say how freaking cute this party is. Everything turned out amazing, the cake, the decorations, the cute Alice outfit. I am totally impressed. (And Jealous! Want to throw me an Alice in Wonderland party? ;) Everything seriously looks straight out of a magazine. Fantastic job! :)