Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Frocks worthy of Fireworks!

I LOVE the Independance Day. It is my FAVORITE holiday, and thus, new clothes are a must! These are also made from a Men's dress shirt... I have decided I Love using the fabric from dress shirts because it is often better quality than what can be found in the fabric store.

For this dress I used THIS tutorial. I made a few changes and added the ruffle at the bottom, since ruffles are my new favorite thing.

The buttons go up the back of the dress, rather than the front in this version of the shirt dress. (Can you tell she doesn't like crawling on the grass?)
With this little 'Market' skirt, I got my inspiration from Dana at Made. Click Here for pictures of the original market skirt.


Meg said...

These are really cute Jess, your really talented.

Ashley said...

Oh wow. These are amazing. I want the shirt you used though! My husband's shirts are all so boring!

dana said...

oh man, your girls are too cute.
Okay, I'll stop commenting on EVERYthing :)