Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Accesories

Since I didn't make Easter dresses this year, I figured I should make a few accessories to go with them. 

A fancy headband

Some little flower Sandals, I will be doing a tutorial on these soon! So easy!
 And some little lace leggings. If you can find stretch lace, it is worth making these yourself. I can make 3 or 4 pair for the price of one, and leggings are EASY. Promise. 

I made leggings for all three girls with fabric to spare out of one yard of the lace. It was almost 10.00 a yard. I need to be frugal with all these girls to accessorize!


Lisa said...

So great as always! Nora looks like such a big girl! :)

MoNiCa! said...

You are so talented! Those leggings are so cute!It makes me want to learn how to sew! You should teach a class for our relief society! :)

@manda said...

I am CRAZY about baby Nora's curl in her hair! Not even kidding, the cutest thing ever. Love the colors, the style, the accessories........ EVERYTHING! amazing :)