Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Barbie Birthday!

This was such a fun party to plan, and the actual party was such a blast. So girly and pink. I decided to use the Vintage Barbie Silhouette, it looked so cute with the pink, grey, and black color scheme.

The dessert table!

The Barbie cake was so much fun to make, and alot easier than I thought. My friend made the fondant for me! And she used THIS fondant recipe, and I used an actual Barbie dress mold.

The party was held at Alyssa's Bridal Event Center in Orem, it was such a great open space for the girls to run and dance around in!

We played pin the Bow on Barbie.

And had a Barbie Nail Polish Pinata filled with ring pops, I added the barbie on front of the bottle, since I couldn't find an actual Barbie Pinata.

Barbie even came to see the Birthday Girl. She read some books and took pictures!

The Birthday hats were made with my silhouette. I used THIS hat template, opened it in my silhouette to cut it. It made these hats so easy!

I used my Silhouette Machine to make the dot garlands, and all the cupcake toppers, and the birthday girls shirt.

My little Barbie girl chose her party menu, with all her favorite things!

Macaron's (I made them so don't judge!)

Yogurt and cereal in cups, powdered donuts, and chocolate pretzels.

cupcakes, marshmallows...

And Strawberry Milk! I got the paper straws on Amazon, 144 for around 6 dollars!

This little table was my favorite part. I loved that the girls could just sit around it on the floor, no climbing up and down off of chairs.

I bought a large 4 by 8 foot particleboard from Lowes, it was $11.00. I called my local grocery store Bakery (Maceys) and they had 5 gallon buckets I could have. I used 4 of the buckets to set the particleboard on and covered it with a table cloth!

It worked out so well!

The favor bags are from the dollar tree! I found them in the wedding isle, 12 in a package for a dollar!

I made her shirt, skirt and leggings. For her shirt I used heat transfer vinyl and my trusty silhouette machine. I added the lace ruffle to her shirt for extra girly factor. Her skirt was refashioned from an organza overlay that was on an old prom dress. Saved me some hemming! But the leggings are my favorite part. I just can't get enough of black and white stripes!
Happy Birthday Princess!


Megan Cahoon said...

Everything turned out so adorable!!

Ryan and Christina said...

Hello ADORABLE!! You could be a professional party planner! ahhhhhh I LOVE IT ALL!

Lisa said...

Perfect Barbie party! I LOVE Addie's outfit!

Jenny said...

Super super cute! I love that table idea, and all the decorations are just darling!!

Halee said...

Jess I am so impressed! Total domestic goddess!

Sassy Mom in the City said...

So adorable and cute! I'm planning the same party for my 4 year old and loved all your tips. What did you print the silhouette on for the goodie bags and did you make the pin the bow on the barbie yourself? Thanks so much!

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lemondedis said...

j'aime beaucoup : des idées très inspirantes et des petites filles heureuses, quelle jolie fête !