Monday, October 10, 2011

Fluffy Ruffle Skirts

I have been a bit of a busy bee, although you wouldn't guess that if you looked at my blog lately! I had a brief obsession with Friday Night Lights, which I have now finished so back to blogging! (BTW if you haven't ever watched FNL, I HIGHLY recommend it! Its on Netflix!)

The girls festive Halloween outfits from the last 2 years bit the dust, so it was time for some new ones! I have been wanting to make some fluffy ruffle skirts and could just imagine how cute they would be in Orange and Black!

I found a great PDF pattern on Etsy that you can use to make your own skirt, by
Little Lizard King the best part is that it has a wide range of sizes. 6 months to 8 years!
I have tried making ruffle skirts before and they were kind of a pain. Trying to line up and make sure they were all straight... I knew there had to be a better way! I was going to share a tutorial on how I did it this time around but Christine at from and igloo fun things to make and do already did! Her skirt only has 2 ruffles, I just reconfigured the measurements for 5 ruffles!

Making the skirt this way, I could hide all the raw edges, and it helped me keep the ruffles in line!
I have been dying to break out my Silhouette SD, and these shirts were the perfect first project! And confession... I didn't use their fabric interfacing. I just had some heat N bond in my craft closet so I used that! So even though they would like you to purchase their fabric interfacing... you don't HAVE to! I downloaded the witch from their store for $.99. For the scalloped circle I found an image online, uploaded it to the silhouette software and used their trace tool to make the cut out!
These two crack me up... they did this pose all on their own. They love taking pictures!
Happy Halloween!!!!


Erin said...

Jess, So funny you say that about FNL we have 3 episodes left! I will be so good to have it over with, why do seasons take over our lives. Its been so good. It was good to see you a few weeks ago.

Lisa said...

These outfits are awesome!!! I am jealous you have a silhouette - I have been trying to justify a fun purchase like that for a while :). The girls look so cute, and seriously, the outfits are amazing!

a.s.k. said...

the clothes you make are ridiculously cute, and your girls are even cuter!!! i officially wish i knew how to sew... anything! haha

Zanny said...

Those are some sassy girls in some sassy digs! Stinkin' cute, Jess!