Tuesday, March 22, 2011

knotty dresses

My girls love wearing dresses. They would wear them EVERYDAY if they could. Not just skirts, DRESSES. We run out of dresses before laundry day, so I thought I would use some of my STASH (which is hard to break into!) for a few spring dresses.
I also LOVE these ruffle pants. The ones I made for their St. Patty's outfits are out of a grey and white knit fabric. These ones are out of a blue and cream stripe denim type fabric. They have an elastic waist, and I made them a little bigger, more like PJ's, because the fabric doesn't stretch.

I used THIS pattern, but just for the top, the rest I just made up according to the fabric I wanted to use on each dress. You can go here to see another knotty dress.

I had the girls pictures taken in them... I love how they turned out, they look too grown up!

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memoriesinthemaking said...

Darling outfits! I would love to know how you made those pants. They are so feminine and sweet.