Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tangled Birthday

A Rapunzel Birthday Party fit for a Princess

This party was so much fun to plan, and much easier than Alice. I decided to go with a lot of store bought options, being pregnant I just don't have the energy I would need for anything else!

The Cake was homemade though... and it was a beast. It was supposed to have a tower, but it fell apart, and the first time I tried to make the fondant, it was a disaster. I accidentally grabbed the wrong size marshmallows! So at midnight the night before I made a quick run to the store, and it worked the second time. I used the same recipe on this cake, as I did the Alice cake.

I found watercolors at the dollar tree, and the table decor is from a local party store.
When the girls arrived, in their best princess atire, we did a Rapunzel braid with ribbons and a flower clip.

We had lunch, and then painted pictures of Rapunzel, just like she painted the walls of her tower. I got great printable pictures of Rapunzel HERE.

The sun bunting was a printable from Super Mom Moments. You can go HERE to print your own. She has some more ideas for a Tangled party.

We played Pin the Nose on Flynn, which was a hit.

My sister used THIS as a guide, but pretty much free handed the Wanted poster. It turned out awesome.
The girls also played a version of duck duck goose that my daughter made up for the party called, Flynn, Flynn, Rapunzel. It was pretty cute.

I used several of THIS printable Pascal to do a hide and seek treasure hunt for their little gift bags... since Pascal is great at hide and seek.

There are also some more great ideas HERE if you need them!

It couldn't have turned out better, and SHE loved it!


jakeandstephanietaylor said...

DARLING! Now when Im nine months prego will you plan a Thomas Train party for Christian? He has already decided...and it must happen. Maybe we'll just celebrate his bday early this year, he isn't old enough to know yet, right?!

Haylee said...

Oh my gosh, this party is so cute. I would have never guessed you had trouble with that cake- it looks amazing! And I love how you did the girls hair. What a fun idea.

monkeyDluffy said...

The party turned out great, and I'm glad I could help!All such great ideas, I especially loved the pascal blowers and the painting sets as favors, so creative!

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dancilhoney said...

That hairpiece is darling. I think this costume is going to be a big hit come Halloween. Thanks for sharing. Tangled Party Supplies