Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Baby

We found out yesterday we are going to have a GIRL! Three girls, wow, a little overwhelming, but hey we have plenty of girl names we like and no boy names! Since I have so many girl things, there isn't alot of prep I need to do for the baby, but I am recovering/re-doing the bedding for baby girls crib. Here is the fabric I am using...

The crib bumper

The quilt

The Crib Skirt
Now, I want to paint the crib as well, BUT I can't decide what color!? I was thinking

Light AQUA
Lime Green?

(but no pink, because I don't want to repaint it IF I ever get a little boy.)


Genevieve said...

yay for another girl! so fun- especially with kierst having a girl too!! congrats!

Genevieve said...

oh and i think a light aqua would be super cute. and easy to make boy bedding for if neccessary... love aqua and those fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I have three girls and then I finally got my boy. Three girls are so fun to sew for! I have made several matching outfits for the three of them and it is great fun. Good luck!

Carrie said...

beautiful fabric! i vote light aqua for the crib. i hope you'll post pictures when everything is put together.

Amy Blakely said...

I'd say lime green or light aqua. Either would be fun and different and oh so perfect when you get that little boy. Well with luck you'll get the little boy!

Troumbley Gals&Guy said...

Becca and I think yellow would be pretty.

Jessie said...

I vote for light aqua...love the fabric!

Haylee said...

Congrats!! That's so fun. I vote for the light aqua.
By the way, I'm soo in love with that crib bumper fabric.