Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mini Button up and legging refashion

I have wanted to get a little button up oxford type shirt for Miss A, but since it is a want and not a need, I couldn't justify spending the 30.00 on one at crewcuts. Also, American apparel has the cutest floral leggings, and I have been wanting to make some so I headed to the thrift store! I found a boys size 6 Polo button down, and and AWESOME 80's style floral knit dress with plenty of fabric to use! Love the way the leggings turned out, and using THIS tutorial, with a few modifications I made the size 6 a size 3.

How do you like Addie's new glasses? She result of bad genetics when it comes to eyes... but she has loved having glasses and she picked these ones out herself. Stylin!

Nice Fishy face Babe!


Haylee said...

K those leggings are so freaking cute! You're making me some next right?
;) Great job!

Kristin said...

My oldest just got glasses last week too. I've been needing to make some leggings but haven't tried them yet. Yours turned out really cute.