Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Festive Food...

This recipe came from my sister in law, but I changed it a little...

Raspberry Lemonade Jello:
1 large box of Raspberry Jello
1 small box of lemon cook and serve pudding
1 small box of instant lemon pudding
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup milk
1/3 cup powdered sugar

Raspberries for garnish

Make Jello as directed, then cook pudding and add to Jello. Mix well and put in 9x13 glass pan. Let it sit for several hours, till it is set up. Whip remaining ingredients (except raspberries) and add a little food coloring if you want it festive. Spread on top of jello, and garnish with raspberries.

BBQ Spare Ribs:

Boil Ribs for 1 hour
Place Ribs in baking dish and cover with your favorite BBQ sauce. Bake ribs at 300 for 1 hour
Grill ribs with more sauce for about 15 min, the time really depends on your grill and how hot it gets. Just don't burn them!

Oven Fries:Wash potatos and then chop them up. Place them in a Large zip lock bag. Add a few tablespoons of olive oil and a few shakes of stake seasoning. Place them on foil lined baking sheet. Add a little salt and more stake seasoning, then bake for 30 min at 400.

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YUM! Now I'm super hungry!