Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Denim Summer Skirt

So I am working on getting pictures of me actually wearing this skirt, but I don't know when that will happen, so these must do!

Using inspiration from Dana's Summer skirt with Deep Pockets, I made my version with a few twist. I started with a light-weight denim that I picked up at Joann's

I wanted the skirt too look like it buttoned up the front without it ACTUALLY buttoning. Who wants to deal with making button holes if you don't have to? To do this, I had one seam up the back, and one up the front, instead of on the sides. For the front seam I folded over the edge and stitched along the top. I also didn't gather my pockets, and used a different pattern of my own making.

And these buttons? Vintage. From my stash that I inherited from my great grandmother.

A few things about Shirring your skirt, when you first start, it wont look like it is gathering up, and even after 12 rows it isn't that tight. Spray it with water and iron it, and it scrunches right up! So cool. One thing I would do different next time, is sew the casing for the 1/4 inch elastic BEFORE I started Shirring, rather than after. (Dana talks about adding the elastic at the top)

I love this skirt so much, I have already worn it 3 times. It goes with everything, since it is denim. I love skirts in the summer. So easy, I will be making another soon!


dana said...

very very cute! I've been thinking of something similar with buttons. thanks for the inspiring picture!
- dana

Jessie said...

I love wide waist bands and big buttons.