Monday, March 15, 2010

Jello Popcorn

Jello popcorn balls for St. Patricks day! These are SO easy, you will love it!

1 bag of Marshmellows
1 box of jello (any color or flavor you like)
1 cube of butter
6 cups air popped pop corn

Melt butter, marshmellows and Jello. I would recommend NOT using sugar free jello. But that is all I had, so I added 2 TBS sugar to the mix! Do this in a heavy pan, or in the microwave.

Once it is melted, mix with popcorn and form into balls. I sprayed pam on my hands to keep it from sticking.

Let it cool on wax paper! Yummo!

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Lara said...

mmmmm... I want one right now!