Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ballerina Birthday Dress

For Addie's 3rd birthday, I told her she could pick out a birthday dress... She choose this one from Target...

The only problem was she said she didn't like the 'stickers' (studs) that were on the 'belt'. After trying to figure out how I could remove them from the dress, I decided it would be easier to just make one!

Which she calls her Ballerina Dress.

I already had a T-Shirt from the sale rack at target which cost $2.48
And some Black Nylon Chiffon, black lining, and black elastic, which is basically all you need for the dress!

I did a 3 tier layering with the chiffon, the longest layer was 15 inches, the next was 12, and the last was 9. I made the lining match up with the 12 inch chiffon layer.
I attached all 3 layers of chiffon, and the lining together with my surger after sewing each layer up the back. I stretched the elastic to fit the skirt, and then attached it to the top. EASY-PEASY!


Curtis' said...

This is super cute!! You are so creative. I wish you could be my personal designer for Temekula's clothes. Your girls always look top notch. I wouldn't even dare attempt this dress:) I love it though!! I love the plainness of it!! (KIERSTEN'S SISTER-IN-LAW)

Jessie said...

Too cute! I like it when you explain what you do step by step.