Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costumes...

I wish I had pictures of just the costumes to share, but with the moving and the craziness, it hasn't happened. SO here are their costumes. I LOVE making Halloween costumes. I made the Lost Sheep's out of some light blue fabric I had purchase for a blanket year, her ears turned out floppier than I wanted, but there can be floppy lamb ears right? She loved how warm and cozy her costume was. I decided to attach her 'hooves' to the costume, cause I knew she wouldn't keep gloves on.

Now Bo-Peep's costume was made from... an old prom dress! My mom donated it to the cause. I made the dress so she could still wear it with out the pinafore. The tricky part of this costume was little bo's bonnet. I used a foam visor (the craft kind you stick foam letters to) and combined it with THIS tutorial to get the finished product. Her Staff came from Home Depot, it was a candy cane that I spray painted black. I think that was one of her favorite parts of the costume.


Jessie said...

I still cannot get over these costumes. They were amazing!!!

Channing said...

So basically your girls are the cutest little girls ever. Also, I miss you. ALSO I think you should come visit sometime so we can finish that little bunny project we started eons ago.
Love ya!