Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Ruffle Shirt Dress

Start with a T-shirt... (I got this one at Target)Then take your shirt to the fabric store! Find 3 coordinating fabrics. Here is how much to get:
Get 3 inches of fabric for the top layer, 6 for the middle, and 9 for the bottom. This is for a 2-3T if you want it longer, just add an inch to each layer, if you you want it longer, add another inch!

Then hem one of the LONG sides on each strip of fabric. Lay your fabric out so all the un-hemed edges line up, with the longest strip at the bottom and the shortest on top like this....

Attach the three layers along the top using the shirring method, so the fabric will gather at the same time. If it doesn't gather, you may need to pull the elastic a bit to help it out. Then sew the back up to create a skirt. To attach the shirt to your skirt, put your skirt and shirt right sides together and sew away!
I did their layers contrasting so they didn't look too identical. Happy Halloween!

(PS please don't mind the granola bars that were all over their clothes in the pictures, they needed a bribe to pose!)


Lara said...

You are right, they are DARLING! I love it. You are so talented.

Jessie said...

I'm loving this idea!

Erin said...

I made cher one the next day and it worked perfect!!! Thank you so much. I need to get your number i was so excited i wanted to call you. Thanks again!