Monday, August 17, 2009

Tiny Coats...

One of my first 'big' sewing projects was a cute little fluffy coat. I made it while I was pregnant with Addie, in my children's clothing class. I made quite a few changes to the original pattern, and it still turned out great! This is where my love of sewing clothes for my kids really got started.

I quilted the lining, and it turned out so cute that I decided to make it reversible. All it took was a reversible COAT zipper!
Here is my little bug in her coat... she was so tiny then!

This last winter I couldn't find a coat that I liked, or that was small enough for little Liza, so I decided to make another coat!

Both coats had little hoods in the back... a MUST in my opinion when it comes to kids coats.
Here are a few tips I learned while making these coats.
Don't forget to use a SEPARATING coat zipper. It would be a pity if you couldn't get the coat on your little munchkin!
Fleece makes a great lining, if you don't want to quilt your lining to the thinsulate.

I have a few more coats in mind for this fall. One reason I love the fall!

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dana said...

wow, coats??? You are impressive!