Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Outfit!

My baby recently had her first birthday... and like every other holiday or special occasion I HAVE to make something for my kids to wear! I decided to tackle a pettiskirt... I have been DYING to make one, and now I had a reason to!
I didn't use a pattern, but a few people helped me figure it out! Martha has instructions online, and a little video that got me started. Then with a few pointers from grosgrain, and a great price on NYLON Chiffon. I was ready to go!

Eliza wears size 12-18, and that happened to be the size that the martha instructions teach how to make, but it doesn't say the size ANYWHERE in the instructions. I totally went in BLINDLY, hoping it would all work out.
I ordered 4 yards of nylon chiffon, 2 of each color. Also I shirred my layers before connecting them. I had never shirred before, but it was pretty simple. You HAND wind your Bobbin with ELASTIC thread. Then sew in a straight line, and VIOLA it is gathered. Just remember to tie off the thread and elastic after you sew a few inches so when you finish it doesn't come undone!

I am planning on making a few more, and the next one I make I will take pictures of the process and make a little tutorial for those who want to learn how... it takes AWHILE the first time through, but worth it after you see the price they sell for online (60-90 buckaroos)! It cost me about $18.00 for all the supplies and fabric. Boo-YA!

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Jet said...

Happy Birthday Eliza!