Monday, April 6, 2009

Twirly Ruffled Skirts

how could i resist? when i saw these on Heather Bailey's website, i could not HELP myself. i had to make them. the weather still isn't great for a good outdoor photo shoot, so these are the best i could do from our little family party tonight! hopefully you get the idea! i used SEVERAL different patterns/tutorials to create these.

the twirly skirt tutorial by House on Hill Road, and the skirt tutorial by The Polka Dot Chair.

it took ALOT of brain power because i was making a 4T into a 12-18 month and 2T. Once i had the measurements down on paper, it was a lot less thinking and a lot more sewing!

i used wonder under to iron on the appliques to a shirt from target, then stiched around the edges... super easey! if anyone is interested i will use more brain power to make a BASIC tute to help you make your own...


Suzanna said...

Jessica, seriously, you need to go into business for yourself! That outfit is AMAzing!

Nici said...

Those skirts are really cute... What time do you want to have a "party" on Wednesday?