Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daddy's Shirt

Refashioning old clothes has become a new obsession, mostly because it costs less than going to the fabric store, and you get some good use out of the garment! This dress is really made out of mommy's shirt, but I have a few more out of Dad's that are on the way. This shirt shrunk the first time I bought it, so it was still in great condition, because I never wore it!

This dress is so simple! I didn't have a pattern so I used one of my daughters dresses to figure out how to make the sleeves. I didn't even need to do a hem on this, cause it was already there! Who inspired this? Dana and Traci click on their names to see their blogs, both of these women make some AMAZING things! Also I have a link on the side of my blog of another type of dress you can make out of a men's shirt!


Lisa said...

That turned out great! Love the shirt and can't wait to see what else follows suit!

traci said...

Oh, I love that color, so soft. Yeah, you really could just look at the sleeves of another dress to figure it out. I love this. And, I would love to see the other two. I have 3 boys and really started sewing once the little girl was born.